Life in Progress Aborted

It was the 1994 holiday season–the week between Christmas and New Year's Day–when John Salvi III decided to take matters into his own hands. Citing various conspiracy theories, degenerating Catholic values, and the "abortion holocaust,"

Salvi entered a Boston-area Planned Parenthood clinic with a rifle and killed the 38-year-old receptionist. He then walked two blocks to another women's health clinic and shot the 25-year-old receptionist there. Two lives, in effect, aborted. Five others were wounded in the attacks. Salvi was later arrested in Norfolk, Virginia, after firing shots into yet another clinic.

After receiving a life sentence without chance of parole, he committed suicide in prison. Salvi had told his parents he wanted to confront Satan. Perhaps he has.


Salvi, who was known to rant about the "abortion holocaust," sawed off the barrel of a shotgun and installed a silencer, explaining he wanted it to "shoot cans in the woods."

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