Brad K. Evans' GUNSHOW

The artist would like to thank all those who participated in assisting me get this show installed.


The primary message that I am operating on is that PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. I am not pro-gun advocate, nor am I anti-gun. The questions I am asking in this exhibition: Are guns bad? Should we eliminate access to these weapons? If we eliminate or limit the right to bear arms, what other rights will we be willing to give up? Are the rash of killings that are currently taking place in America any different than at any other time in history? And, are we more civil now than our barbaric ancestors?

While I have chosen to highlight killers in this exhibition, it is not intended to enshrine these people as heroes, but to discover why seemingly normal people, people perhaps like you and I, snap and go off the deep end, believing that eliminating someone's life is a solution, using one right to take another's rights of life and liberty.

The "Gun Show" is a follow-up to the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art Exhibition, "Fertile Waste," which used garbage to reflect our 'Throw-Away culture.' This exhibition is a reflection of the violence in our society and presents a factual tour of killers, their motives and the victims of these crimes.





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