PIRATE: A Contemporary Art Oasis
3659 Navajo • Denver, CO • 303.458.6058

Pirate is one of Denver's oldest and best known alternative art galleries. Founded in 1980, we are currently celebrating our 20th year of edge cutting alternative art.

Pirate is an artist co-op, which means that this gallery is owned and operated by the participating artists, so we are not under any pressure to sell work perse, making pirate a venue for true 'alternative' art, and allowing for contemporary work to be seen. The Artists that make-up PIRATE vary in style, content and mediums, from painting, sculpture, installation, printmaking and performance art.

Featuring works by these artists:
Stephen Alarid • Tracey Barnes • Phil Bender • Richard Colvin • Brian Comber • Lucy Congdon • John Crandall • Michael Ensminger • Randy Hughes • Kathy Hutton •Louis Recchia • Craig Robb • Linde Schlumbohm • Don Carleno • Michelle Baldwin • Brad K. Evans • Bonnie Ferrill • Paul Garnaat • Patti Genack • Peter Illig • Izzy Lozano • Wes Magyar • Viv Mitchell • Dave O’Brien •Keely Preston • Debra Sanders