Join us in celebration of Brad's (un)successful
write-in campaign for Mayor of Denver!

You are officially invited to attend the OFFICIAL CONCESSION PARTY & CRUISER RIDE on Wednesday, May 6th at our favorite watering hole at 2041 Larimer Street.

We'll celebrate the night with a ride around town and then roll back to the Ginn Mill! Hope you can make it! (Rain or stars).

Isn't it time? With the launch of this write-in campaign for Brad K. Evans as Denver Mayor, this isn't a protest of the status quo, nor is it about winning. Instead it's about having a two-week conversation, and to find a way to connect people to our city. While I'm not an election history buff, I don't think there has ever been a winning write-in candidate, so there's that.

In Denver we are fortunate to have municipal leaders that are, for the most part, incredibly accessible. But the question remains, who will step up and challenge folks that are moving here to join in? To help shape what Denver becomes? Who can encourage those that are already here to step into the "NEW" Denver and stoke them to keep the spirit alive that's made Denver the amazing place it is today? Oh, It's easy to complain about what it was, or what it is not, but haven't we had enough of that? Lets end the ongoing "Ground Hog Day-esque" game of voting for "Change" and getting little more than the same 'ol, same 'ol that appears to work only for the interests of the rich, powerful and politically connected.

Let's put our money where our mouths are! No longer will you hear what you have come to expect to hear from an elected leader - for example, you can join the DENVER FUGLY FB page and get a taste for what an kind of enlighted conversation can blossom if you press forward, even with what might initially come across as offensive or unpopular.

We're going to stamp down the NIMBY attitude and find NEW tools (YIMBY?) that actually encourages citizens of Denver to join the conversation and we will discover what kind of stew we can make with this simple phrase: "YES, and..." Of course there are a set of divergent voices, all with different opinions about the shape of things to come, and this campaign is designed to seek your participation in constructing a city that WORKS FOR EVERYONE, not just a select few. Should you accept this challenge and write-in Brad K. Evans, we'll step forward together, working hand in hand to fufill the needs of the entire community. What is absolutely critical is to seek out, and bring together a set of visionary and community-minded individuals that will boldly lead Denver into it's 21st century potential.

What does Denver need? It needs you to step up and help grab hold of this unbelievable opportunity that is before us to make Denver great. We'll be putting our mouths where the money is needed most, and make Denver the GREAT CITY it deserves to be by celebrating:


Let's get real: There'll be no pretending that the homeless problem doesn't exist; nor saying that bikes are important and then ignore what's required to protect riders; or that the health and safety of our citizenry isn't of critical importance. Un-tethered by the political forces that traditionally dominate the political landscape, a write-in vote for Brad K. Evans will be a vote for those that NEED AND SEEK A VOICE in how our city shapes itself in the future.

Win or Lose, I think what most excites me about this write-in, is that a few people have publically stated that they would "move to Canada" if I won. For some odd reason, I like finding myself in the anti-Bush category. That actually makes me smile. Now we just need to convice 80,000 people in a short two weeks to do something that's NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE.

Are you up for the challenge?

Pick a leader that isn't afraid to say
"Over 'thar we go, together!"
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