Isn't it about time? With each election cycle, it seems to me that the cliche of having to choose between a Douche Bag and a Turd Sandwich (yes, this is from a beloved South Park Episode) is all to real. With the launch of B-rad 4 Denver Mayor, our work will be focused on ending the ongoing "Ground Hog Day-esque" game of voting for "Change" and then getting little more than the same 'ol political animal that appears to work only for the interests of the rich, powerful and politically connected.

It's time to put a vote where your mouth is! No longer will you hear what you think you want to hear from an elected leader - Instead all voices will have access to the system, and if we step forward together, not only will B-rad listen to the needs of the entire community, but he'll do what he's always done: hear what the needs are and put them on the front burner. (This translates to saying yer gonna do something, and actually doing it.) We'll be putting our mouths where the money is needed most to make Denver the GREAT CITY it deserves to be.

Let's get real: There'll be no pretending that the homeless problem doesn't exist; nor saying that bikes are important and then ignore what's required to protect riders; or that the health and safety of our citizenry isn't of critical importance. Un-tethered by the political forces that traditionally dominate the political landscape, a vote for B-rad will be a vote for those that need and seek a voice in how our city shapes itself in the future.

Pick a leader that isn't afraid to say
"Over 'thar we go, together!"
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