Do You Copy?

He walked into a conference room at 8 a.m. where his "team," five fellow Xerox copier technicians, were meeting. He shot them all with a 9mm handgun. On his way out, he shot two more men. And when he left the building, one witness reported, he appeared calm and even waved goodbye.

Forty-year old Byran Uyesugi gave no indication to friends or family that he was on the brink of committing an unthinkable crime. His neighbors knew him as the quiet guy who raised rare goldfish and were surprised to learn Uyesugi possessed 11 handguns, 5 rifles, and 2 shotguns. He would've owned more if he'd had it his way. In 1993, Uyesugi was arrested for kicking in an elevator door and threatening a supervisor. The charges were dropped, but the arrest remained on his record.

In 1994 when he applied for another gun permit, Uyesugi could not legally acquire any more firearms due to the prior arrest, but police could not confiscate the guns he already owned. Uyesugi is serving a life sentence without chance of parole.

The killer of seven coworkers and owner of 18 firearms raised rare goldfish and was known as a quiet guy.

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