Church of Who's Creator?

To fund his violent rampage, the young Benjamin Smith cashed in two of his retirement funds, which totaled over $17,000. Just 21 years old, Smith was an active member of the World Church of the Creator, a white supremacist organization. "Anyone who knows the history of the plague upon humanity who calls themselves Jews," wrote Smith in his journal, "will know why I have acted."

Among his victims were teenage Orthodox Jews returning from synagogue. The rampage, which took place in Illinois and Indiana, not only targeted Jews, but blacks and Asians, as well. After two people were dead and nine others wounded, Smith took his own life.

While Smith didn't refer to any victims specifically, his journal writings and other evidence led investigators to believe he "went to great lengths" to plan the attacks. Smith obtained the gun illegally from an unlicensed dealer.

"Anyone who knows the history of the plague upon humanity....
will know why I have acted." Benjamin Smith

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