Baby Killer, or not...

In October 1998 Buford Furrow Jr. knew he was about to lose it. He tried to check himself into a psychiatric hospital but ended up pulling a knife on employees and getting himself arrested before he was admitted.

Almost a year later he walked into the North Valley Jewish Community Center outside of L.A. and opened fire, shooting three little boys, a receptionist, and a camp counselor. All five survived. The mailman Furrow happened upon after leaving the scene wasn't so lucky. Furrow killed him with a 9mm pistol.

The weapon of choice at the daycare was an Uzi, although Furrow had plenty to pick from. His van was stocked with five assault rifles, two pistols, and 6,000 rounds of ammunition. An engineer and white supremacist, Furrow was a member of Aryan Nations. And on August 10, 1999, Furrow went on a manhunt (childhunt?) for Jews.

The next morning when he walked into an FBI office, he announced, "You're looking for me. I killed the kids in Los Angeles." He was wrong; the children had defied his hatred and lived.

Almost a year before the day care shooting spree, Furrow told police
"Sometimes I feel I could just lose it and kill people."

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