A Bad Day of Trading

"...the fears of the father are transferred to the son. It was from my father to me, and from me to my son. I had to take him with me," wrote Mark Barton after bludgeoning his son, his daughter, and his wife to death and then continuing his killing with a shooting spree in two stock market day-trading firms in a suburb of Atlanta.

Barton had become heavily involved in day trading and had recently suffered significant financial losses. He had been at Momentum Securities, Inc., discussing a problem with his account, when he opened fire killing four people. Barton left the building and walked across the street to All-Tech Investment Group, continuing the rampage, leaving five more dead.

Later that evening police surrounded Barton in a parking lot. He immediately shot himself. Barton's duffel bag contained 200 rounds of ammunition and four handguns, two of which he legally owned, two of which he did not. Barton's first wife and her mother were bludgeoned to death on a camping trip six years prior to this rampage. Although Barton was the prime suspect, the murder was never solved.

Barton wrote that he would only live long enough
"to kill as many of the people who greedily sought my destruction."

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